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Q & A

can I use your designs for scrap kits I sell? yes, you can use all products with the label CU for scrap kit design, you find the label on the bottom of the product description
can I use CU elements 'as is'? no, you can use them in a derivative manner, please see the TOU for the definition of 'derivative' 
can I create one element from 3 pieces of your element bundles and add it to scrap kit I sell? yes, you can derive in this way, as long as the elements are merged to a new one and each is counted in regards to the 20% rule
what is the 20% rule? 20% of the amount of elements you put in one scrap kit can be made from my elements, at the maximum 20 elements/kit (if the elements in your kit exceed 80)
can I use your designs for greeting card sheets? yes, you can use every product with the label CU/S4O for greeting card sheets you sell, please regard the TOU for details
can I use your product for free kits or giveaway's I want to offer? no, this is not covered by any of my licenses
I want to run a promotion for my web design service and use your products for a free layout I offer to one of my customers - is that allowed? if you plan a promo of this kind, please contact me for the details before you publish, I mostly agree to such promos, but would like to be informed before they are published if the promo contains my work. feel welcome to contact 
I have trouble with downloading the zip files we are sorry you experienced this problem and will help you to get your download. If possible - please send a screenshot of the error message you received to , we will contact you asap (please regard the time difference if you live outside the U.S.)
I lost my hard drive and all my files are gone - can I get new downloads to replace them? yes, you can. please contact us at , we will do all we can to help you retrieving the zip files of products bought at AFD 
I bought one of the bundles at SATC before, can I still use it?  yes, you can use it and the old TOU are valid for all products bought before November 1st 2013


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