In this category, you will find painted digital art in high quality, available in a small amount of copies and including the most flexible license on the market.


The license for our resale partners has life long validity and the TOU cover any digital product

You can use any part of the resale items and sell it under CU4CU  CU  S4H  S4O  and PU, to your own terms and prices, tailored to your own business concept in any assemblance and variety, colored or re colored, closeups or parts, in kits or clusters or any cu bundle, element bundle, brush bundle, script, action, backgrounds, for cards and crafting as well as for digital products made with these items

the only restriction of our resale license are art prints, posters or canvas prints and related merchandise items. These rights remain with the copyright owner.

some of the FAQ we received:

Q: MAY I sell it under CU4CU (PU/SH4/SHO/CU)?

A: yes,  it is entirely up to you, under which license you sell our resale items

Q: may I sell under my own resale license?

A: No, this is not possible since we sell only limited copies and will keep it this way. if you sell the same item for resale again, the limited copies are exceeded and the product loses the value for others, who also chipped in. While we contemplated to extend the license slightly, we will not do so after all, since the reaction to this announcement caused a lot of confusion and uncertainty for our clients. It were only a few people who even suggested such a thing. the clear answer is NO, you cannot put another resale license on our resale packages and sell them for dumping prices. (you cannot do that at any other place or to any other artists either, it is unethical in its very intent) 

If our product is not interesting for you because you can't sell it another time as a resale offer, please don't ask us for exceptions or special agreements etc. since we don't make such exceptions. it is not fair towards our loyal and dependable clients whom we supply with first rate imagery and who trust us to protect the value of the resale license and in consequence - their business, from flooding the market with hundreds of copies of the same product which is a limited offer and priced like one.  

Q: can I change the item or use them as they are?

A: yes, you may do with them as you see fit

Q: can I use the resale art in scrap kits I sell?

A: yes, in kits as well as clusters and any other scrap related product you sell, in any way you want, 'as is' or altered to your needs

Q: can I make scripts or photoshop actions for sale based on your art

A: yes you can, with all items which are not character (which don't have eyes)

Q: Is it allowed to make brushes and overlays from the resale art and then sell it for commercial use or CU4CU?

A: yes

Q: can I resell a layered template exactly the way you sell it?

A: the license covers it restricted to object templates (anything that doesn't have eyes or a face).

Q: Do I have to link to your store?

A: only if you want us to link your store back on our shop front

Q: Do I have to state on my preview that it is your art?

yes, if the bundle is based or made with my resale art and the license is not only a PU license. The holder of the original copyright has to be identifiable on your offer, that means ©Angelica S. has to be visibly placed on the previews of items, which consist of resale art only or of which the imagery is based on our resale art (like scripts or background bundles)

if you use our resale material for scrap kits or mixed bundles or clusters, we do not require credits on the previews, just add the license jpg to the zip files when you prepare them for your store, links or license numbers are not necessary and need not to be displayed or mentioned anywhere when it comes to resale material used in this way.

Q: when will you have a sale on the resale items

A: there is no sale planned in this project, since the price is calculated with a low profit margin and the products are limited editions.


we will add to the list as question turn up which require further explanation, thanks for your input and communication









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